Ultra quality Artistic Paint-Jobs for Motorcycles and custom projects.  Your personalized expression done right.

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Vintage Import Restorations


Honda CB 750   Vintage Motorbike Restoration

Restoring your motorbike, with original vynal cut graphics, or painted, we can achieve the original colours and design to its former glory. All our graphic work is clear coated, and can be double double clear coated to bring all the surfaces flush to the touch. Average costs for this type of Honda restored for a customer, with vynal graphics, double clear and ceramic polish mirror finish, estimates average from 500 to 900 for such work

Harley Cruzer

Harley with full saddles and faring, double double clear, mirror finish.

Refinished with Double Double Clear, Hand Painted 2 colour Stripes, Blue Pearl and Ceramic Polished Clear. Refinishing complete with all Saddle bags and Faring. Refinishing estimates from 1800 to 3600 depending on type of finish etc.

Kawaski Ninja in Pearl Candy Blue
with Flat accents, reflective graphics, double double clear mirror finish.



This Kawaskai was colour changed, from white to this Stunning Pearl blue Candy. All recut custom graphics, and double cleared, ceramic polished with added Flat accents. 14 pieces refinished, 
 CAD 1800 to 3200

Honda Interceptor Restoration

Fully Restored interceptor
Combination Vynal & Painted graphics, Crystal Prism Clear Paints, with Ceramic Polished .  average restore cost is approximately CAD 750 to 1400

Custom Designs, Gloss/Flat finishes

This Harley Custom was refinished with Flat and reversed Gloss Accent Race Stripes.
This  combination is very cool in real life. A Harley similar to this style refinished will run750 to 1500
Painting includes: fenders, tank and headlamp.

Harley Custom with Air Brushed Graphics

Custom Crome Yellow with Airbrushed Cloak & Dagger  Shadow graphics, Double Double Clear, Ceramic Polished to mirror finish. Completes starting from CAD 3800

Vintage Import Restorations


Transformational heat paints make for a very unique one of a kind organic finish, Refinishing a similar motorbike, 8 pieces, including the tank, start from CAD 2500, many different colour combinations to choose from. 

BMW HP2 Custom Racer

This Beauty was refinished with Sikkens 2 stage paints with Hand painted graphics, Double Double Clear and ceramic polish to a mirror finish. Stunning and Beautiful in real life. Refinishing starting at CAD 3400 

Candy Pearl Paint finishes


Considering a colour change? This Kawasaki is an example of just that. Transformed with Pearl Silver Pearl Base, with Candy Red, and 6 to 8 coats of ultara hard urethane Clear paint. Creating incredible depth of finished look.
A tank such as this will run from 600 to 1200 CAD

Candy Flames

Candy Flames or translucent finishes are very unique, which virtually glow in certain angles of natural lighting. Done in any colour combination of your choice. A tank and faring such as this example will vary from 900 to 1800

"Old school" Flames 


Custom Flame jobs on your bike can be done in any colour combination, or the traditional flames as you see in this example, Tank only, 3-4 colors from CAD 1200

"Lifelike" Flames

Set of fenders and Tank done in 5 color flames
can vary from 800 to 1800 per bike


Vintage Custom Combinations

This Vintage Motorbike was refinished and restored with a combination of Black with Cobalt Blue Pearl, Flat racing Stripes, and Double Double Clear Mirror finish.
Photos give no justice as to the transformational effect of this finish in real life. A finish/look like this will run fr 650 to 950   (includes fenders, extensions and tank)

Custom Guitar Refinishing

From Metalflake to Candy Paints, all types of Guitars, anyway you want it. For more information, examples of guitar workmanship please inquire. Painting starting from CAD 350 


Exotic finishes

The Possiblilities are endless, from Prismatic, Thermal, Marble, to Snakeskin or even antique looks available for your project.
Feel free to ask for more details to the types of paint avaialble for your consideration.

Saddle Bags


Saddle Bags, made to match your original colours, refinishing a pair start from CAD 450 to 700