Ultra quality Artistic Paint-Jobs for Motorcycles and custom projects.  Your personalized expression done right.

  The winning choice.

  1. Honda 750
    Honda 750
    8 coats of clear wet look
  2. Gloss Black Honda Tank
    Gloss Black Honda Tank
    Refinished like a Black Pearl.
  3. Fat Boy Racer
    Fat Boy Racer
    This street racer was re done with all flat stripes and flat black finish. Looks amazing!!!
  4. Original Yamaha 10 point
    Original Yamaha 10 point
    A fully restored tank including the original decals. Ready for show.
  5. Restored Honda 750
    Restored Honda 750
    Candy Green Pearl. Hand Painted Graphics.
  6. Yamaha Cafe Racer
    Yamaha Cafe Racer
    Refinished and restored Yamaha 750 with pearl white paints, cream pearl racing stripe make this bike so cool. An amazing masterpiece.
  7. Custom Harley
    Custom Harley
    A unique finish of Military Flat Green, with Tan Gloss racing Stripe. It looks amazing in real life.
  8. transformed Treck Racer
    transformed Treck Racer
    With 24 logos, 4 colours and 3 types of surface finishes this is a complex bike paint scheme. Done to perfection.