Ultra quality Artistic Paint-Jobs for Motorcycles and custom projects.  Your personalized expression done right.

  The winning choice.

  1. Vintage Roadster
    Vintage Roadster
    Pearl Blue with Stunning Flat racing stripes
  2. Original restored Honda
    Original restored Honda
    The excitement is back!
  3. Honda Restored Tank and side covers
    Honda Restored Tank and side covers
    base clear painted stripes, with a candy gold finish. Looks amazing!!
  4. Fully Restored Honda 750
    Fully Restored Honda 750
    Just like the day it rolled off the dealership yard.
  5. Yamaha Cafe' Custom
    Yamaha Cafe' Custom
    Titanium Black Very unique look.
  6. Yamaha
    Midnight black base clear done to mirror finish. Beauty in Black.
  7. painted original Stripe kit style
    painted original Stripe kit style
    We Paint original stripes to match the Factory Lines. Better quality, durability and just a much nicer feel to touch.
  8. cafe custom'
    cafe custom'