Ultra quality Artistic Paint-Jobs for Motorcycles and custom projects.  Your personalized expression done right.

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  Estimates-Scheduling & Shipping Process
Choosing a customized finished on your motorbike can be the most rewarding and visually gratifying experience next to riding and owning your bike. 
We have painted, repaired and custom finished hundreds of projects, motorbikes, custom bikes, racing bikes, and specialty custom items to perfection, satisfaction guaranteed! This is our mandate. 
Proud to serve you with 32 years of trade experience, we know how to make you happy and provide you with the quality you deserve on your Motorbike or Project. 

We specialize in a variety of Paints and fine quality finishes. 
We do whatever it takes to restore your motorbike parts to original condition; by way of either paint stripping chemically, repairing Fiberglass or carbon fiber, metal work, welding, repair and or plastic beading.
We only use high-quality primers sealers base & clear paints.   
We can restore your bike to original including the graphic labels, airbrush art, Graphic Designs, Airbrush Graphics, reflective colours, with hand painted pin striping, or something entirely new different or original to your specifications. 
To receive and accurate estimate on your Project or Motorbike:
Please email us with photos and let us know  what you would like to have done, create or customize to your dreams in order bike standout as a total restoration or one-of-a-kind beautiful crafted finish for competitions or show and shine events.  
* Graphic art and custom airbrush work will increase the labor and time required for the project to be completed.   
* All graphic art and custom work is quoted on an individual basis depending on the needs that you require.
* All paint jobs and custom work require a deposit up to 50% prior to commencing the work.   
* All paint jobs require photographs for the estimate and/or graphics required for the job, and are monitored with in progress photographs throughout the work for your album and satisfaction.
* Turnaround time averages anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending condition design and refinishing requirements and scheduling. 
How to Establish the Cost of your Project:
1) Establishing the Cost/Estimate of your Project, requires you to email some photos of your project to us.
2) Once we have established the cost, we require a deposit, which can be paid by PayPal, and an invoice will be sent to you.
3) The deposit required usually averages about 50% (special orders and graphics, parts may require additional deposit). 
3)Progress images, design etc will be sent to you.
4) Upon Completion, full payment is required through PayPal prior to returning the finished parts to you. 
Shipping of your Parts to us:  
Please ship your parts in a sealed box with packing foam and Insurance. After completion, we will then ship the parts back to you with insurance in an appropriate high-quality packing along with the tracking number.  
Other requirements and conditions for shipping to us are: 
 1.     Remove all fuel and oil from your parts. 
 2.     Include keys and other specialized key lock tools for your gas cap and boxes. 
 3.     Please note to us if you prefer ground or air freight for final costs. 

Please ensure that your parts are packaged for shipping properly, with either bubble wrap or styrofoam bits.  
Upon completion and photographs sent meeting your approval, the balance must be paid in full and then the parts will be shipped back to you, either your choice of airfreight or ground pending distance and preferred timing requirements.    
Payments, Deposits and Invoicing is administered through PayPal to ensure your Project is handled in Trust,  Satisfaction Guaranteed

Scheduling Calender for current bookings: