Ultra quality Artistic Paint-Jobs for Motorcycles and custom projects.  Your personalized expression done right.

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  1. Kawasaki Racer
    Kawasaki Racer
    Refinished with Candy Blue Pearl with Flat Accents. Custom Cut Graphics in Mirror finishes. Stunning.
  2. Yamaha One off Hand Build Racer
    Yamaha One off Hand Build Racer
    10 point restoration, this custom racer was the original bike used in Germany. Now rebuilt for a collector, this one of a kind racer is a masterpiece.
  3. BMW HP2 custom racer
    BMW HP2 custom racer
    carbon fiber, mirror finished black, with loads of clear. Pick an area and you will be able to use this bike as a mirror for shaving.
  4. Harley Cruiser
    Harley Cruiser
    Midnight Black with Blue Pearl Double Clear with Hand Painted Stripes. Finished To a Glossy Mirror.
  5. Harley Custom Sportster
    Harley Custom Sportster
    Flat with Gloss accents, this bike really pops out in real life. A one of a kind Masterpiece.
  6. Harley Custom Rider
    Harley Custom Rider
    Air brushed unique graphics tell the story of a one of a kind finish.
  7. Custom Scooter
    Custom Scooter
    Colour changed and restored in a beautiful sapphire blue metallic, double clear high gloss finish.
  8. Harley Sport Custom
    Harley Sport Custom
    Refinished with PPG Flat Paints with Gloss Tan Racing Stripe
  9. Yamaha R1 Racer
    Yamaha R1 Racer
    White and Blue Pearl Ghost Flames
  10. Custom ghost Flames Yamaha R1
    Custom ghost Flames Yamaha R1
    Done with multi shift pearls