Ultra quality Artistic Paint-Jobs for Motorcycles and custom projects.  Your personalized expression done right.

  The winning choice.

Quality Craftsmanship
. . . Knowing Beauty isn't just skin deep.
As a Creative and Talented Craftsman, Artist-Painter, specializing in custom paint finishes, metal, plastic & custom work, your experience from start to completion will be pleasant.  Stemming from a pedigree of Autobody Craftsmen from Europe, the history of the Jaehn's have been providing high quality service and workmanship for five decades to clients in Canada. A name you can depend on for your project or motorbike guaranteed to be done right.
We Pride ourselves in taking care of each and every project as though we owned it ourselves. Small Projects mean extra attention to detail, stretching creativity with new themes ready to exploring all the possibilities with you. 
Relax knowing you will have reliable service, quality workmanship, while maintaining a fair cost coupled with a written guarantee.
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Exotic Paint finishes

Need something different?  Transforming, chameleon or shift paints, textures, pearls, translucent, glowing heat sensitive paints, pearls, candy's, metal-flake or crystal paints are just a few possibilities that you can choose from. Theres no limit to the combinations that can be applied to make your project look so unique and beautiful to stand out one of a kind pieces of art.

Airbrush art, Hand Painted graphics

Whether you're creating an original retro "Lennon guitar" or desiring graphic air-brush artwork for your custom motorbike, we can take it all the way through with you from design to completion to make sure you get what you want. We take "in-progress" images to ensure you know what you're getting, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  Here are some customer examples of our          workmanship: